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Animosity displayed towards Rasmus is unfounded.

Ok, I plan on being a lot more active on this site now that I have some free-time.

Now that that is out of the way, I just can’t fathom the almost borderline malevolence displayed towards him by a select few, or maybe more than that. Colby Rasmus came with gargantuan expectations from the day he was drafted in 2005. A lot of talk as to whether Colby has fulfilled those lofty expectations to date or if he’s even come close, for that matter.

Since his inception into pro-ball Rasmus has been pegged as a player who is as multifarious as anyone, especially taking into account his skill-set.

Offensively, he’s improved; say what you want about his strike-out rate or his perceived “ineptitude” in centerfield. However, if you take a step back from your perceptions of the player, and look at the numbers, you’ll see he’s a top five center fielder in Major League Baseball offensively.

Last year gave us a glimpse of what he could become, and by the look of things, Rasmus is on the rise.

Over the last two seasons, Colby has produced an OPS of .846, which is good for second best in MLB( Major League Baseball). The best OBP in the majors the last two seasons at a .366 clip, not to mention being top three in the majors amongst center fielders with a 6.7 combined WAR. Also, add to the fact that he ranks 7th in wRC (115.3) over the last two years, and sixth in ISO (.204). The man has been one of the best in the game and is only going to get better. In some aspects, as far as a year-to-year comparison goes, he has improved markedly. Especially his K% going from 31.9% to 22.6% while his plate discipline has remained much the same.  Meaning, he’s still swinging at the same amount of strikes, and is going out of the strike zone at a similar rate to last year. All in all, the numbers have been there, and they’ll most likely improve, so, what’s not to like?

One could argue that defensively, he hasn’t been as good as projected to be. However, despite the ” ‘ole eye-test”, and last year’s struggles, he’s been solid. He’s sporting a 7.4 UZR/150, and a UZR of 2.4. And he has an OOZ of 35. He hasn’t been elite, but he so far is a long shot from terrible this year. So, I guess this begs the question, when are we going to give the guy a break? He’s young, he loves the game, and he’s improving. Sounds like a winning combo to me.

Oh, and for those of you not familiar with all the alphabet soup I posted; there’s an excellent site that documents all these statistics; that you can find here.. And, of course, Fangraphs, too.

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